Our children face different challenges today. The environment is very hostile for their upbringing. The access they have to the internet and media get them corrupted very easily. It is very difficult to check them. They can stay late watching movies. They can hook into the net in their rooms, toilets, hostels e.t.c. “Facebook” have “de-faced” many and changed their identities very badly. Blackberry gives them access to several people and they spend several hours “pinging." The bad influence of their pair groups and the vices they regularly see in the elders around them keep them tilted negatively.

The big question is: can these ills be corrected? Or can this generation get to live right for God, get their priorities right and put their priorities right? The answer, to these as far as I am concerned, is yes. The reason for the deviation is because they lost their link with God. The solution to the problems of the children of this generation is for them to get back to God. These children are our tomorrow’s spiritual leaders (Archbishops, Bishops, General Overseers, Pastors, Apostles, Prophets, Presidents and Founders of Churches e.t.c.), they are our future political leaders (Presidents, Senators, Governors, Local Government Chairmen, e.t.c.), they are our future traditional rulers (Obas, Igwes, Emirs, e.t.c.), they are our future Scientists, Professors, Business Tycoons, Heads of the Armed Forces, Judges, Lawyers e.t.c.

For our Bible text, let us read Proverbs 22:6 KJV "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

The only way we can correct our tomorrow is to get these Children on the right path. We need to mentor them well like-Jesus mentored His disciples; Paul mentored Titus and Timothy; Gamaliel mentored Paul e.t.c. Let them know where and how you failed. Teach them how to avoid the mistakes you made in the past.

If our tomorrow must be right, we have to invest in them spiritually like Eunice and Lois invested in their son Timothy. If our tomorrow society must get it right, we must discipline our children. The saying “spare the Child and spoil the Child” is very true in Children up-bringing.  If our tomorrow society must be right, we must invest in them academically. Send them to the best schools you can afford.

If our tomorrow society must be right, we must pray earnestly for them until Christ is formed in them. Pray until you see them enter the destinies God has created for them. Pray for them until they become what God has created them to be.

Lastly remember that it is what you plant in these children that you will reap. As you invest in these children; may the Lord make them a blessing to you, the Church, our nation and the world in Jesus name. Amen.

Ven. S. O. Makun



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