Friday, November 15, 2019
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MEDITATION (JUNE 3 – 9, 2018)
Apostle Paul was one of the greatest people that ever lived. He was next only to Jesus Christ in the promotion of evangelism and Church expansion in Europe and Asia. With the exception of our Lord, no one features more prominently on the pages of the New Testament than him. He authored 13 New Testament books and was a central figure in the book of Acts.

Apostle Paul was greatly responsible for the spread of the Gospel in the first century. During his evangelical outreaches and missionary journeys, he encountered many people and confronted challenging situations. However, he remained undaunted and resolute in the things of God. Therefore, today, his messages provide basis for Christian theology, doctrine and Church administration.
Everywhere he went, Apostle Paul preached the Gospel; he won many converts and made new friends. His companions and associates were from all walks of life, male and female, young and old, named and unnamed. Many, like Timothy, Luke, etc. were trusted and loyal. Many also betrayed him, including Alexandra the coppersmith and Demas.
Like the words of the popular quote, “there is always a reason for everyone who comes into one’s life – some to love, some to test, some to teach, some to merely exploit”. This was the encounter in Paul’s everyday life. However, amidst all, he was a joyful and contented believer. He made Christ his foremost friend and for him, nothing mattered than retaining friendship with His Lord. He triumphed based on this fact.
Ven. Dr. A.A. Atowoju