Friday, November 15, 2019
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EXODUS 16:11-35
Introduction: Man as originally created was a vegetarian. God appointed the fruits, nuts and grains of the Garden of Eden for his food (Gen. 1:29, 2:16). Immediately after the flood which had destroyed earth’s vegetation, God permitted man to eat flesh of animals (Gen. 9:3), although he was forbidden to consume blood (Gen. 9:4). When the Israelites wondered as nomads in the Wilderness, their diet was more limited and they murmured and complained against Moses and God sent down Manna.

Manna is small, round and white as found in (Exo. 16:14, 13) which fell from Heaven and seen to be Angels’ food. Psalm 78:24-25. It was gathered in the morning with an Omer per person. On the sixth day, people were to gather twice as much to provide for the Sabbath, when no Manna was to be given. In this case it did not breed worms or become foul over the Sabbath. Manna taste like “wafers made with honey” Exo. 16:31 or Bitter Cakes Num. 11:8 and could be baked or boiled.

The Message behind it
1. When we worry over food, God, the source being, will always provide.
2. In the midst of nothing, they lacked nothing even in the Wilderness Exo. 16:32
3. Manna was kept before the Lord for memorials to generations. Bring your substance before God Exo. 16:33
4. God provided Manna for 40 years in the Wilderness. Even in your time of lack and scarcity, the Almighty God will provide you with Manna to pull you through. Exo. 16:35
5. You gather what you can finish (Exo. 16:18). Pray for daily Bread and not to be greedy, gathering what others ought to have into your personal account, causing waste.
6. Jesus is the Bread of Life representing the Manna of the Old Testament. (John 6:48-49)
7. Jesus said He’s the Living Bread that came down from Heaven and anyone that eats of His flesh will not die (John 6:51)
8. Christ promised the hidden Manna to be eaten by overcomers of this World Rev. 2:17
Conclusion: Beloved of God, strive for the Bread that gives life and trust God for provision in difficult times, rather than complaining against God.