Saturday, July 04, 2020
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MEDITATION 7am and 10 am service
CAN YOU STILL SEE JESUS – Jesus is Missing
Introduction: Sometimes life can seem like an arid desert. Everyone, from Presidents to Prisoners can share their own stories of life challenges. Even Christians are not immune from these challenges. However, the scripture warns us not to faint in the day of adversity (Prov. 24:10). Instead we are encouraged to look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith (Hebrew 12:2).

The reality however is that when we are faced with the toughest situations of life such as; threat of sickness, death, failure, loneliness, betrayal, failure , poverty, insecurity, economic downturn and so on, we often look for solution where there is none. In these changing scenes of life, can you still see Jesus or Jesus is missing? Do you pray for a faith that will not shrink, though pressed by many a foe, faith that will not tremble on the brink of poverty or woe!
In our gospel reading today (John 6:15-21), the disciples experienced a stormy situation while they rowed at night on the sea without Jesus. However, at a point when all hopes seems tom have been lost, Jesus appeared to their rescue. A critical examination of what transpired between John 6: 15 to 21 no doubt offer to us some spiritual lessons about how we should relate with Jesus.
LESSON 1: How Do People Lose Their Focus On Jesus? In verses 15 and 16 of our text we can identify a corollary. While Jesus went up to the mountain, the disciples went to a different direction, down to the sea. In making our choices in life, we will always have several options. We will always have to choose between sticking to what God wants as expressed in His word or the dictate of the flesh. The consequence of the latter choice is a deliberate exclusion of Jesus in the affairs of our lives. However, the scripture enjoins us to set our affections on things above, not on things on the earth (Col.3:2). My prayer for you is that rather than being ruled by the dictate of the flesh that will draw you away from Christ, your song and action this year shall be nearer my God to Thee nearer to Thee.
When people chose to walk in darkness it is impossible to see Jesus. In verse 17 of our text we read ‘And it was now dark, and Jesus was not come to them’. A life outside Jesus who is the Light is a life in utter darkness where chaos, sins, suffering and evil abound. No wonder the Disciples experienced a stormy situation. The scripture enjoins us not to partake in unfruitful works of darkness but that we should rather expose them (Eph.5:11). I pray that this year as you walk with the Lord in the light of His word you will not stumble in Jesus name.
Fear can also blur the vision of a child of God from seeing Jesus. The disciples were afraid when they saw Jesus (John 6; 19c). They could not immediately recognize the Master whom they had walked and dined with. Often when God chooses to speak to us in that still small voice, out of fear we may not recognize His voice.


Meditation 10am service - Continues
What does it take to see Jesus?
Truly the risen Jesus is invisible yet ever present. Therefore no one can see him with physical eyes. Be that as it may, people still see Jesus in contemporary times.
These are persons who: (1) really know Jesus and are born again. (2) live above sin and are godly (3) are blameless in holiness (4) are Holy Spirit filled (5) obedient (6) are bold (7) uphold Christian values and virtues (2 Peter 1:5-9; Phil 12:13) in promoting Christ-like integrity and (8) are pure in heart. When you live a life that pleases God, He continually show up for you across space and time. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God” (Matt 5:8).
What seeing Jesus does in believers
When you see Jesus and He is present in your life the following blessings become extant.
• Salvation (Isaiah 45:22)
• Humility (Luke 5:8; Job 42:5-6)
• Encouragement (Heb. 11:27, Psalm 16:8)
• Transformation (2 Cor. 3:18)
• Endurance (Heb. 11:27)
• Healing (John 9:6-7)
• Purity (1 John3:3)
• Assurance of Victory (Ex 14:19ff, Heb. 13:5-6)
• Favour (Psalm 85:9-13)
• Fellowship, security and rest (1 John 1:3, Matt 11:28-30)
Counsel: We live fearfully in a world that is most corrupt and wicked. We seem to have lost the essence of humanity and particularly progressive Christian virtues and values of eternal relevance. Daily people “strain their eyes” as they look out for Jesus is our lives. Sinfully they exalt selfishness and meat for the table that are transient. Let the beauty and mind of Jesus be seen and sustained in all heaven bound believers. May we see Jesus with hope on the last day. Therefore whatever it will cost us to receive and retain Jesus in our life boats amidst stormy situations should be a sealed sacrifice.
Ven. Prof. Mon Nwadiani